Breast Augmentation: All You Need to Know

Breast augmentation surgery is performed by women for cosmetic reasons in order to enhance self-confidence and a sense of femininity.
The method used today to enlarge the breasts depends on  implantation of bags through plastic surgery under the supervision of a specialist.

Breast Augmentation

Preparing you for surgery

The first step towards breast augmentation surgery is to have a consultation with the specialist, who will ask about specific diseases and the reasons why the woman decided to undergo the surgery.
During this consultation, the size of the implant will be chosen to fit the bodily measurements. Several factors also affect the selection of the size.
Before undergoing breast augmentation surgery, the patient will be asked to do some medical tests.

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Measures for breast enlargement

There have never been any measurements that determine the normal size of the breast so the lady decides on the size she prefers under doctor’s advice.


Breast Augmentation Surgery

First, this surgery is performed under the general anesthesia, and the patient is provided with a serum containing antibiotics to prevent infection.
During the surgery, which does not take more than two hours in normal cases, the doctor creates an insulator pocket and inserts the sac under the chest muscle or as agreed between the patient and the doctor in advance.


The healing process

A woman can leave the clinic or hospital a few hours after surgery or can stay overnight at the hospital, according to the doctor's decision.
After surgery, the patient will feel some pain and swelling in her chest and sometimes bruises will appear on the surface of the breasts. The bra is usually replaced by a sports or medical vest, which helps to heal and support the breast.
It takes about a week to recover and ladies can return to exercise routines only a month after undergoing breast augmentation surgery.