Considering Hair Transplant? Here are a few information!

Baldness is a common problem for many, whether it is full baldness or partial baldness. In such cases, people who suffer from baldness resort to hair transplant which can be done in the head, beard and mustache area.

Considering Hair Transplant? Here are a few information!

Hair Transplant

There are two ways to perform a hair transplant, including the cultivation of natural hair, and another known as the process of implantation, which uses industrial hair.

Hair transplant is done in the following manner:

  • The person is anesthetized locally, making it possible to follow up on what is happening during the operation.
  • Natural hair is used whereas hair follicles are taken from the back of the head, separated and transported intact to the bald areas.
  • A small hole is made and the hair is implanted in it, and then the the opening is closed quickly. After a period it becomes part of the scalp and begins to grow as normal hair.

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This hair is treated as normal hair, which can be washed or trimmed. An estimated 4,000 to 5,000 hairs can be implanted and the operation lasts about four to six hours.


Hair transplant reactions

There can be swelling around the eye and head area after the operation, but the swelling disappears after a week of taking antibiotics, and then the hair grows back to normal.