Excessive sweating: its causes and treatment methods

Excessive sweating is a major problem that many people may experience and may include excessive sweating in more than one body area. So what are the causes and treatment methods currently available?

Excessive sweating: its causes and treatment methods

Types of excess sweating

Excessive sweating may affect more than one area of he body - Generalized, or may be specific or localized - Focal, such as: hands, underarms, feet and face.


Causes of excess sweating

The causes of this phenomenon is linked to the distribution of sweat glands that are present in the affected areas.
Excessive sweating of the first type may be transmitted genetically from one parent, usually the onset of symptoms is experienced in adolescence, and this differs from the secondary type that may occur at any stage of life.
The main cause of this condition is not yet known. Some people attribute it to the hyperactivity of the sympathetic nervous system.

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Treatment of excess sweating

There are many methods currently available to treat excessive sweating problems, including:

Some lotions or products

Antiperspirants for localized sweating, especially those containing aluminum chloride.

Botox injections

Its effect may last from three to nine months and is a safe and highly effective treatment.

Surgical treatment

Surgery is based on the use of a Thoracoscope.