What is chin surgery?

Chin surgery is a cosmetic procedure that is widely popular because it helps people increase the proportion of facial features and get rid of double chin or receive chin enlargement if needed.

The chin contributes to increasing facial and overall beauty beauty. So what is the process of chin surgery, and are you a suitable candidate for this procedure?

What is chin surgery?

What is Chin surgery

Chin surgery is a procedure during which the shape of the chin is adjusted to fit other facial features. This may include a change in the shape of the chin or even a chin implant.
In general, chin surgery helps to harmonize the features of the face, which increases the confidence of the individual himself and his sense of beauty and self love.

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Candidates for chin surgery

The patient must first have physical and psychological health and be above the age of 20 so that the growth of the chin has stopped.
The patient's goals must be realistic and the patient should be a non-smoker or be able to stop smoking several months before and after the procedure.

Chin Enlargement Candidate

Suffers from a small chin
Has a nose that is more prominent than his chin

Chin Reduction candidate

Has a large Chin.
Non prominent cheeks
small nose
The shape of the chin is oval and bigger than other features


Recovery period after chin surgery

The expected recovery period after the chin surgery process ranges from a few weeks to a few months. Your doctor's instructions should be followed.
It is advisable to rest in the period following the surgery, and it is advised to eat soft and liquid foods while using special pillows for sleep.