What is liposuction

Excess fat is a common problem, that is why every woman seeks to get rid of fat by dieting or exercising. But getting rid of excess fat is not that easy. In difficult cases, women resort to liposuction, which guarantees every woman to melt fat around the belly or buttocks and various areas of the body.

What is liposuction?

What is liposuction?

Liposuction is a beauty procedure aimed at the elimination of excess fat that significantly affects the appearance of women. It is a simple operation that can be performed on several areas of the body, including buttocks, abdomen, waist and more. 


When to resort to liposuction?

A person undergoing liposuction should have a normal weight or fat up to 30% of his normal weight only. If the person is undergoing abdominal liposuction, the belly fat should not respond to any healthy diet prior to the operation, in addition to the need for good health and the absence of any serious or chronic diseases.
The psychological situation of the patient plays a big role in the success of this type of operation, so it is preferred that the person does not suffer from any psychiatric illness, especially clinical depression.
The skin should be flexible and in good condition and liposuction should preferably be done after the age of 18.


Liposuction aftercare

Most people do not realize that recuperation is one of the most important stages.
There are some instructions that a person must follow fully, and the patient should care for his well being significantly during the recovery period, and pay attention to the prohibitions that the doctor specifies. 
After liposuction, swelling and bruising may occur in the target area during the first and second weeks of the operation. Special clothing should be worn to reduce swelling and to support the body during recovery.